Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card

Replace your ordinary printed business cards with digital one and get the benefits.

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How It Work

exchanging business cards have never been easier or more efficient.

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After you create a company or user account, start adding your first business card with all the contact data you want to share with your connections.

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Meet and Connect

When you meet someone, open your card, click connect to show your QR code, they can scan it or you can scan their's, if they don't have the app, all your data will be saved on thier phone.

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Stay Connected

now you can reach all your contacts from connections section. Call, email, or visit thier links, you can also export your connections to reach out to them later via any other third party.

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with the digital business card you can reduce duplicate work, reduce printing costsm, keep your data updated, and more to get for free

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